A Man After God's Own Heart

A study of the Life of David. "A man after God's own heart." This is the description that God Himself used of the man who would become King David. And yet we see that he was far from perfect. What was it about this man that God liked so much? This series looks at David’s environment, experiences and responses to try and discover how we can live a life that brings delight to God’s heart.

BFF - Best Friends Forever

Current statistics tell us that if you track first marriages in our country, 2/3 end in divorce before the 40th year. Remember the dreams you had when you got married? Is there still hope that you and your spouse could become “best friends forever”? This series of messages looks at key principles from the Bible that give us guidance about God’s ideas for making our marriage not only NOT end in divorce, but actually become a life giving force in our lives, and a blessing to others.

Christmas Seasonings

For most families there is a certain insanity and craziness that envelopes the family around the Christmas season. What was this celebration supposed to be about anyway? Is it really just an expensive and exhausting exercise in over-eating, present buying, decorating, and racing around? These messages try to bring us back to the basics in our celebration of the birth of our Lord.

Cultivating the Heart

Proverbs 4:23 says, “Guard your heart, for from it are the issues of life.” Our heart is deceitful (Jeremiah 17:9) and can often lead us astray. And as one Puritan writer put it, if we don’t guard our own heart, no one else can or will. This series highlights various truths and principles that can help us stay alert as we seek to love and serve God. “Let him who thinks he stands, take heed lest he fall.” (1 Corinthians 10:12)

Drawing Near to the Throne of Grace

Has prayer just been a frustrating experience for you? Or have you never really gotten the hang of how to go about it? Have you wondered if prayer really makes a difference? This series helps you take a fresh look at prayer and learn some practical ways to strengthen this vital area of your Christian life.

Growing in Knowing Him

Jesus said, “This is eternal life that they may know Thee the only true and Jesus Christ whom Thou hast sent.” (John 17:3) The heart of the Christian life is knowing God. But so often we are overtaken in religious activities and busy ourselves to death, while at the same time sensing that something is missing. Just what does it mean to know God and how do we go further down this road with Him?

Having a Grand Time

So much of discipleship teaching is geared to the first half of life. But what are some of the issues for the follower of Christ in the "fourth quarter" of life? What do we face and what kind of attitudes can help us glorify God and finish well? This series tries to keep it light, but at the same time provide some spiritual insights for this important time of life.

Let's Follow Jesus!

What does it mean to walk with Christ? What are you supposed to do after you receive Christ as your savior? Most of the time you end up having to figure it out on your own, and you can’t help but wonder, “Am I doing the right thing? I wish someone would walk me through the basics of the Christian life.” Here is a series that tries to help you get that overview you were looking for.

Original Parenting Seminar

Back when our children were still small (and our memories still fresh!) we did this seminar for parents of young children. How are you going to deal with the battle of wills between you and your child that starts in their first couple of years? Sometimes they seem like angels and other times like devils. Here are some Biblical principles and some practical suggestions for you.

Parenting by Heart

Babies and young children hit many families like a tidal wave. It is exhausting and often puzzling. This series builds a Biblical model for beginning to disciple your children by the way you discipline and correct them. It identifies principles that we see illustrated by the way God treats us as His children.

Parenting Teens

Wow. This can be a frustrating experience. It's like your child has been transformed into a completely different creature. This series looks at a couple of key principles and issues that can help parents understand some of the ways their leadership needs to change in the second decade of their child's life.

Passing the Baton

Jesus said we should go and make disciples of all the nations. But how do you actually disciple someone? And what if you were never really personally discipled yourself? But just because you may be an “orphan” spiritually, it doesn’t mean you couldn’t become a good spiritual parent. This series looks at the basics of one-to-one discipleship and gets you started on a new adventure of helping younger believers grow up in their faith. You’ll never be the same.

Seven Laws of the Teacher

One of the most effective and influential Christian teachers of this century reveals how all teachers can make the most of their priceless opportunity to inspire, to instruct, and to permanently impact lives for the kingdom of God. Based on seven proven, easy-to-grasp laws any teacher can apply, Howard Hendricks presents how to teach with power and passion, excitement and excellence.

Spiritual Plateauing

Perhaps when you first met Christ it was a revolution in your life. You were so excited and motivated. But a strong beginning does not insure a glorious finish. In this series Terry Cook examines some of the choices we face along the way that can determine whether or not we go stagnant or keep on growing and thriving.