BFF - Best Friends Forever

(Henry Clay)

Current statistics tell us that if you track first marriages in our country, 2/3 end in divorce before the 40th year. Remember the dreams you had when you got married? Is there still hope that you and your spouse could become “best friends forever”? This series of messages looks at key principles from the Bible that give us guidance about God’s ideas for making our marriage not only NOT end in divorce, but actually become a life giving force in our lives, and a blessing to others.


Blest Be the Tie that Binds

The Marriage Covenant
Series: BFF - Best Friends Forever (Part 1)
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The Land of the Giants

Series: BFF - Best Friends Forever (Part 2)
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The Plural Unity

Oneness in Marriage
Series: BFF - Best Friends Forever (Part 3)
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The Law of the Harvest

Series: BFF - Best Friends Forever (Part 4)
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Building the House

Series: BFF - Best Friends Forever (Part 5)
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