Passing the Baton

(Henry Clay)

Jesus said we should go and make disciples of all the nations. But how do you actually disciple someone? And what if you were never really personally discipled yourself? But just because you may be an “orphan” spiritually, it doesn’t mean you couldn’t become a good spiritual parent. This series looks at the basics of one-to-one discipleship and gets you started on a new adventure of helping younger believers grow up in their faith. You’ll never be the same.


Born to Reproduce

Series: Passing the Baton (Part 1)
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Be Fruitful and Multiply

The Big Idea

Stages of Growth

A Disciple's Testimony

The Basics

The Worth of the Individual
Series: Passing the Baton (Part 6)
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About Growing Strong

Growing Strong (aka:, is simply an attempt to make helpful tools and messages available for those who are seeking to grow up in their Savior, Jesus Christ, and who want to learn how to be more effective in discipling others. (Read more…)