Let's Follow Jesus!

(Henry Clay)

What does it mean to walk with Christ? What are you supposed to do after you receive Christ as your savior? Most of the time you end up having to figure it out on your own, and you can’t help but wonder, “Am I doing the right thing? I wish someone would walk me through the basics of the Christian life.” Here is a series that tries to help you get that overview you were looking for.


Close, But No Cigar!

Assurance of Salvation
Series: Let's Follow Jesus! (Part 1)
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Let Us Press on the Know the Lord

Quiet Time
Series: Let's Follow Jesus! (Part 2)
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Not by Bread Alone

The Word of God
Series: Let's Follow Jesus! (Part 3)
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I Will Call Upon the Lord

Follow Me!

Lordship of Jesus Christ
Series: Let's Follow Jesus! (Part 5)
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Walk in the Light

Series: Let's Follow Jesus! (Part 6)
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Two Are Better than One

Christian Fellowship
Series: Let's Follow Jesus! (Part 7)
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Let Your Light so Shine

Sharing your faith
Series: Let's Follow Jesus! (Part 8)
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