Growing Strong is a ministry originally inspired by DiscipleshipLibrary, and initiated by Henry Clay in partnership with many others. He is on staff with a group called The Navigators®. The Navigators® is an international, interdenominational Christian ministry established in 1933 by a man named Dawson Trotman. Navigators are people who love Jesus Christ and desire to help others know and grow in Him as they “navigate” through life.

Discipleship Library is a wonderful ministry that has sought to digitize and make available thousands of messages that have been given over the past 60 years. For more on their vision and work, click here.

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About Growing Strong

Growing Strong (aka: resources4discipleship.com), is simply an attempt to make helpful tools and messages available for those who are seeking to grow up in their Savior, Jesus Christ, and who want to learn how to be more effective in discipling others. (Read more…)